best Fly-Fishing Equipment
best Fly-Fishing Equipment

A new hobby can be more that just an adventure, it can be a life changing experience.  If your day-to-day existence is tense, uptight and exhausting, you may want to experience a whole new way of life, fly-fishing.  This “hobby” as it is often called in when people first begin fly-fishing, ends up being called many things by the fly-fishing enthusiast such as therapy, peace-of-mind, relaxation and “my real job”.

The serenity that can be found on a quiet lake or amidst the wildlife on a peaceful river is without compare.  Few that try fly-fishing ever give it up.  There may be periods of their life that they are unable to get to a river or lake, but in the quiet of their heart, they still remember that serenity, peace and beauty on an early morning fishing trip.

The Rod, Reel and Line Are the Key to Success

Fly-fishing equipment is specific to the weight of fish.  Fly rods and weight lines are written in a special format, Nwt the “N” is the number specific to size for example 10wt, 9wt, 8wt.  These rods are then matched to the same Nwt line.  This is an important match as it means the weight of the line is intended to be used on the weight of the rod.  Rods and line range from size “0” for the lightest fish to the heaviest rod, size “16” for heavy saltwater fish.  While it may seem simplistic, it is important to use the same weight rod and line, as this will directly affect the performance of your cast.

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Fly-Fishing Equipment
Fly-Fishing Equipment

When you are shopping, it is possible to purchase a multi-weight rod, which would give you a wider range of line weights to choose from.  While this multi-weight rod may seem advantageous, it does have a drawback.  The rod that has a multi-weight classification will lose some of the flexibility of a lighter rod and will have more stiffness than a lighter counterpart.

The height of a fly rod can vary between six feet and 14 feet.  A fly-reel or fly-casting reel is another important piece of fly-fishing equipment.  Once considered only line storage devices, they have been improved upon for use with heavier fish and in more demanding conditions.

Supplemental Fly-Fishing Equipment that Makes all the Difference

Supplemental fly-fishing equipment helps to make this life-changing hobby a success.  A fly-fishing vest is an important piece of fly-fishing equipment, providing storage for extra flies; tools and some vests even provide a special pocket in the back for fish storage.  A first-aid kit is an invaluable item in fly-fishing equipment.

These vary in style, so find one that fits your own needs; Always keep your first-aid kit inside your vest.  Most fly-fishermen will agree that a retractor is another very important asset when purchasing fly-fishing equipment.  This tiny little clip attaches to your fishing vest and holds pliers, scissors, pocket lights, and other necessary items.  When clipped to a retractor, they can be used while on a pull cord that is part of the retractor.

When you are done, the cord can be released, returning to its original position. A multi-purpose fishing tool that contains a scissors, pliers, knife, saw, screwdriver, bottle-opener and sometimes even a toothpick, is another valuable piece of fly-fishing equipment.  No matter what type of fly-fishing equipment you choose to buy, make sure to seek the advice of a professional to insure that you are fully prepared for your new adventure.